she dreamed the same dream night after night~We are an orchestra of one, we are a majesty unveiling, we are newly born lovers, christening one another with mouths and hands and seeking tongues. We are everything and nothing~ Night is falling. night is falling. and I am drowning. in your arms. I am safe again. I am safe again. You surface me, and cling to me, night is falling and I am in my place again. above you, beneath you, wherever it pleases you so... oh my love, I am home again. My heart has been reborn again. the night is falling. and so am I . Falling for you ( into you, above you, through you). night is falling. night is falling. and so am i. so am i. always for you. for you.


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2002-06-29 - 11:27 a.m.

this ache is penetrable

and my night infinite

since you went away

all the ways

you dismiss me,

your silence

a white hot wound

scarring me

i am unravelling

there is a gaping hole

where love used to be

your mouth a pair

of silver scissors

slicing across

the silk fabric

of my pink satin dreams

tattered and thread bare

my words so tiny

and true

i am an invisible star

in your endless sky


clasping and unclasping

my hands in an unrehearsed prayer

love's a fiery demon with fangs

beneath a red cape

of majesty

you're the wolf that ate me

( swallowed me whole )

and I am just the fool

trying desperately to

unhate you

and destiny is an illusion

that caused me

to believe it was fate

into your arms I fell

a careless coin


into a wishing well

love spirals

and drowns you

time speeds up

and slows down

I was just skin

on the surface

of your

shiny tongue

too much of you

inside of me

and never enough

of me

to fill you up

too much of me

not enough of you

oh my ocean boy


not enough of me

never enough

for you

poor empty lost boy

you are an abyss

that I will deeply miss

old sailors never learn to swim

i could never touch bottom

not enough of you

and to much of me

not enough of you

not enough of you

never enough





old starlight - new starbright

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