she dreamed the same dream night after night~We are an orchestra of one, we are a majesty unveiling, we are newly born lovers, christening one another with mouths and hands and seeking tongues. We are everything and nothing~ Night is falling. night is falling. and I am drowning. in your arms. I am safe again. I am safe again. You surface me, and cling to me, night is falling and I am in my place again. above you, beneath you, wherever it pleases you so... oh my love, I am home again. My heart has been reborn again. the night is falling. and so am I . Falling for you ( into you, above you, through you). night is falling. night is falling. and so am i. so am i. always for you. for you.


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2006-12-26 - 6:01 a.m.

Christmas was a huge hit!

Sierra had the best day (ever), and there are many pictures to prove it. This is just a small sampling.

She was so excited about Santa coming, and we left the milk and cookies, and the carrots for the reindeer, christmas eve and ( really early) in the morning,( before Santa had arrived) Sierra and Aunt Tara went and picked up NanaMama, at her hotel. and when they came back to the house, Santa had magically come and gone, and much to Sierra's relief had left several presents under the tree for her,including, an arts & craft table, a double stroller, an Angelina ballerina doll, a small round crib for her baby,a personalized apron, a paint set, some art supplies and a playdoh kit

Sierra was so excited and when we told her that all the presents and wrapped gifts were ALL for her, she exclaimed


sigh, I love this kid!

Her favorite gifts were the jewelry box, with dancing ballerina, the paint set, and the make up kit.

She is a very girly girl. and I love her with all my heart.

hope all of you are well. Happy Holidays! and please sign my guestbook, I am curious to see who still reads my boring tales!

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