she dreamed the same dream night after night~We are an orchestra of one, we are a majesty unveiling, we are newly born lovers, christening one another with mouths and hands and seeking tongues. We are everything and nothing~ Night is falling. night is falling. and I am drowning. in your arms. I am safe again. I am safe again. You surface me, and cling to me, night is falling and I am in my place again. above you, beneath you, wherever it pleases you so... oh my love, I am home again. My heart has been reborn again. the night is falling. and so am I . Falling for you ( into you, above you, through you). night is falling. night is falling. and so am i. so am i. always for you. for you.


~random vintage wendchymes~

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2002-04-03 - 11:45 a.m.

the forsythias are bursting with yellow, spring has come to greenwich, and it is just a marker of time, another season, upon another season, layers of days~ hours~ months~ years~ spent without your touch . The emptiness sears me. my aching flesh has become singed with the distance of time's cruel reality, yielding into this infinite yearning for your swift return. The bright sun beats with stripes of burning gold, painting me amber but not completely camoflauging my pale longing for your milkfed beauty brushing against me. Oh how I miss the finite strands of your soft dark chest hair curling under my caress, my ice white thighs smooth with newness, yielding to open into the shimmering lagoon you soooo loved to become lost within. I was your island capri. a blue grotto opening to the sea, smelling of juniper and cherry blossoms, spreading wide the crashing waves waiting to pull you into this wet eden, a butterfly flickering beneath a silk covered kiss, grasping feathers from your lapping sherbert tongue,dipping into a dripping nectar, pushing against stone, pulling into softness, bone tethered to bone, jagged hip to fuller hip, rounded breast to muscled breast, quivering lip to biting lip, peeling away the past, pouring into now, crawling into a frantic possession, marking your territory, opening up to the insatiable rain falling deeper, penetrating the trembling night seeping into you, coming into me coming deliciously onto you, your mouth frosting my sugar coated wedding cake, pushing up beesechingly for you to dig deeper, into me because I am your unmade bed of unchurned earth and you are my gardner- my sailor - my explorer. my happy, my sad, my beauty, my death, my rebirth, my everything,my nothing, my rise, but mostly you are my ( endless ) fall

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